Monday, February 02, 2009

Hello all,

Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks to our good friends Amber & Rob Chambers for throwing a kick ass Super Bowl party! They just happen to have my last name too! Wierd. Us Chambers are everywhere. Watchout!

The house that we went to has a really long, really cool water-slide!

Even though the pool was chilly, and I mean chillly!!! The hot tub was a great back up spot after "taking the plunge" at the end of the slide!

After a sweet Super Bowl Foot Ball pool (I won $20 woot woot!) I talked the girls into hitting up the hot tub and finally talked Amber and Kristen into taking the water-slide plunge!

I super-man styled the slide head first on my last slide (I'm such a show off infront of bikini girls) and Amber (a very savy photographer) got a shot of me just before I hit the water... it was a pretty cool, funny shot. It was soooo cold! yet refreshing.
ahhh. and then you get that wierd tingly feeling going straight from the ice cold pool into the toasty hot tub...wierd! ahhhh!

Awesome super bowl game (even though my Chargers didn't win) *sigh* but at least they won on my birthday!!! That was a gr8 part too!!!

Check out a remastered track from my band Windsor called "Just Maybe" if you haven't yet... I think this is a pretty kick ass catchy radio-ish single. Whatcha think?!

Thanks for checking in... onto the next adventure... (If the stars align I think I might be going to Costa Rica Feb 15th) Meet me there in Playa Grande if you can make it! My brother and I will probably be there to greet you at the house and you can crash with us! check out :-)w
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