Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day weekend 2009 was a blast!

On the morning of Saturday, February 14th, 2009 Kristen and I packed our bags, borrowed a sweet dark blue convertible Mercedes, and headed to Las Vegas! Our drive up went faster than I thought... (it's always faster when you're having fun) Kristen looked great as usual, we forgot about real life, & we blasted the stereo and sped through the desert listening to some excellent Valentine's Day cd mixes made by yours truly... Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis, Britney Spears, Bright Eyes, Nightmare of You, Blink-182, a bunch of 80's, Beatles, and a bunch more Pop Hits made it a great day for a care free drive... We had coffees and fruit and candy and everything you would want as far as good "munchies" on a road trip.

We drove by this one big black pick up truck that was pulled over by a cop. On the rear view windshield of the black truck in big red letters someone had written "HONK IF YOU'RE HORNY!" Kinda funny that this truck got pulled over because everyone who was driving by clearly read the sign and a ton of cars honked! (even when there were cops around!)

When we got to Vegas it was awesome to drive down the strip and see all of the awesome buildings and lights and crowds of people... we pulled into The Mirage Hotel and I went to get the keys to our room...

A great stroke of luck: "Mr. Chambers because the standard rooms have all sold out with your reservation we're required to upgrade you to The Penthouse Suite" !!! Stoked.

Kristen and I got special keys, winded through the awesome Mirage Hotel, and took this sneaky elevator that we had to activate with our key up to top floor of the building! This room was so cool! Stoked. I will always remember The Penthouse Suite #D-52 on the top floor. Unexpected upgrades are the coolest! Our Valentine's Day luck had come upon us. We opened to large doors to see our very spacious 8 room suite with a living room, full bar, dining area for 4, california king, jacuzzi tub, large walk in shower, bathroom with "badea" (I don't know how to spell that French toilet thingy) walk-in closet, remote control curtains and a remote control that activated a tv that came right out of the floor near the foot of our bed. We also had a sweet view of Treasure Island and the Trump Tower right out our window.

We brought our own Gold Margarita and Sky Vodka & Redbull with us so we could let the fun begin... we had a few drinks and got ready just in time to see The Beatles LOVE Circus De Soliel in the event room right at our hotel. The Beatles LOVE show was spectacular and I think Kristen was crying actual tears of joy... yes. I have done well. Stoked.

There was actually a random intermission during the show so I quickly got us beers and pop-corn and peanut M&Ms whle we watched the second half of the show. The Beatles music was so clear and the acrobats were simply amazing. They had these special speakers right in your seats for listening to Beatles better than you've ever heard their songs before! They also had these huge screens that showed old footage of John, Paul, George, & Ringo and told a cool story while the acrobats flew through the air. The highlight of the show for me was when they played "Something" in the way she moves... and there was one crazy yoga acrobat guy and 4 girl trapeze artists all flying through the air with all of these huge black and white spirals... It was just really cool so go see it with someone you love as soon as you can if you get a chance.

After the show we went to get a couple more drinks and eats at a place called The Stake (I had a rum and coke and Kristen had a dirty martini. We had a great salad and these really great lobster tacos with this really good sauce. Stoked. The waitresses were all pretty hot. Not as hot as my wife ofcourse but they were nice too. Kristen asked our waitress what she thought was the best dance club and she said Jet. She gave us this special invite pass that she said "try to use and they might let one of you in free"... Cool.

After The Stake we walked through all of the crazy lights and gambling areas to a dance club she recommended calle Jet. There was this line with well over 100 people so sneaky Willie put his luck to work again. We walked right to the VIP line because of this special pass thingy. With no wait at all we went right to the door. The guy said do you have tickets? I said we're staying in The Penthouse Suite #D-52... He said "Right this way sir..." We were in for FREE with no cover charge! Stoked. (Our accidental upgrade had helped us again!)

We got a couple more drinks at the bar at Club Jet and entered one of the biggest dance rooms I've ever seen. There were probably 5,000 people, 10 stripper poles, go-go dancers great music and great vibes all around. Everyone was stoked. We rocked the night away with all of the hit club songs and re-mixes (Glamorous by Fergie was one of my favorites) and ended up back at our Penthouse sweet in a ridiculously huge bubble bath back at our room... (prepare to fast forward to the next morning) FFWD

The next morning we woke up and I put on my white hotel slippers. Kristen and I then headed down for a nice relaxing morning jacuzzi. This place sure had a ton of waterfalls! After a tasty breakfast burrito and a couple more coffees we checked out and headed back in our convertible dark blue borrowed Mercedes, put on some good music and headed home. It was one of our better Valentine's Days for sure.

Thanks for checking in, (I'm off to Costa Rica on Tuesday for a week with my brother to do a report for KTLA, meet the band Switchfoot, and to surf & stay at the house (I know, I know, my life sucks right now) Check out the new video of this Playa Grande Costa Rica house right now at

Hope to talk to you all soon! (I've been using The Secret and it has been working!)

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