Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello all,

This old friend of mine who worked as an A&R rep at Capitol Records and another friend of mine that I used to be in a band with called me up the other day. They're managing a new band called Neon Trees and they asked me if I could dig up a "Hit Song" or 2 from my catalog of 100's of songs to bring to the table to try to break this band into the music scene. Neon Trees just got signed to Mercury Records with a healthy budget so I busted out the acoustic and came up with this song:

Song Name: In The Middle of A Storm (Lyrics & Music by Willie Chambers)

(Intro Progression)

(Verse #1)

Should have known better
Than to take your advice
Took my chance
But I paid the price

Followed along
In a deep dark shadow
Now we don't know
Where we're gonna go


I don't know my name... anymore
Turn the ship around... to the shore
Waves are crashing down... all around
We are lost and found...


In the middle of a storm... in the middle of a storm
In the middle of a storm... in the middle of a storm

(Verse #2)

Not enough time
To let you think twice
Same reoccurring
Bad dream every night

Cut right off
At the worst of timing
Something inside says
Keep on fighting




They'll cut me off and drag me out
But I'll keep coming back again
So fool me once but never twice
I'm gonna make this happen

A suicide of the heart
A piece of me died way back when
& every night emotions fly
This waterfall is raging...


(Bridge Progression with Solo)



(Bonus Outro)

Once upon a time...
It was paradise...
She looked oh so right...
Perfect peace of mind.

(Can't wait to record this!)
:-) by Willie Chambers
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