Thursday, August 26, 2004

What's up!
I have a new link on this site that allows you to check out sample pages of the new children's book I just finished. If you click on the star at that says "WRITING" you can see what The Painted Zebra is all about.
Thanks, and I hope you like it!
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Hello all,
Took a trip to IOWA last week. We visited my girlfriend's family for a family gathering because her great aunt was turning 90. She was doing awesome for 90 and she said her secret to being so charming and sharp at her age was that she kissed the fountain of youth twice. She was really amazing. yeah, IOWA, not a place at the top of everyone's list but it was cool to visit. I love going to places I've never been. We actually tried to watch the president speak there because he was giving a speech about a mile from our hotel, but they wouldn't let us in. It was a free gathering but I guess they do background checks on everyone a few days before they send the free tickets. I was kinda bummed because there were a ton of cops out front just standing there. I asked can't you just do a background check on me now? You're not doing anything else? Denied. Well, it was cool to see his big parade of cars show up from outside and I saw W Bush's limo pull up to the events center. Because I had walked right up through the front door where the president was supposed to enter. I had a ton of FBI and CIA guys checking me out from all over. It was kind of funny. I think they thought I was aterrorist or something. I think they think everyone's a terrorist. Anyways, IOWA has great corn and it is very green and peaceful. Other than that, that is about it. Michael Moore has a crazy movie that you should check out if you haven't seen it. (It will definitely get you thinking)
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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The next best thing to being a millionaire is to be sponsored by millionaires!
Windsor would like to thank all of our sponsors who have helped us along the way...

Fender Guitars
Warped Tour
Hewlett Packard
Taye Drums
Satturn Media
and more...

For links to bands & more cool companies who have helped us along the way click "links" at:

(Also, I finished a new children's book called The Painted Zebra that came out pretty cool. so if anyone knows anything about children's books, check out some sample pages by clicking the star titled "writing" at and drop me a line:-)
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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

WINDSOR MUSIC VIDEO/SHOW!!! Do you wanna be in it?

Hi all, we've had a ton of fun at the last couple shows and we really appreciate all of the support! Right now we're working on setting a date and a place for the making of the next Windsor Music Video in Southern California! (we have a pretty good idea of where it's going to be what's going to happen but we're still smoothing out some of the details)

We're shooting a video for the song Miss You so we're looking for Windsor fans who like to rock out. We're getting a list together for all of the windsor e-mail list/ fans that are interested in being in the video, so drop us a line and we'll put you on the list. We're going to set a date as soon as we finish making the list.

This should be a really fun event because we'll be staging some shots as well as playing a full Windsor show with special guests. Also, if you have any friends who are interested in being in the music video let me know and I'll put them on the list. After we make the list we will be contacting you with more details.The new video will be the featured selection on Windsor's new DVD coming out next year!

Thanks for spreading the word!and hope to hear from you soon!
Willie, Jaime, Micah, and Ian
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Monday, August 02, 2004

Hello friends,
Lot's of crazy fun going on! I just got back from another show in LA with Windsor and we are having a great time performing for many smiling faces...our last show at the Wildcat was one of my favorite shows yet so thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support...we had the best time playing for a packed Wildcat and it was great to be able to show everyone our new videos...We stayed up til 5 in the morning playing acoustic guitars at our place in Santa Barbara with Chritian Love and friends after the show...Micah played some great new songs and stole the acoustic after party show...I have a tendency to invite all the people that came to our show back to my girlfriend's house without thinking that I have work in the morning at 7am and that she has a final at UCSB. We had so much fun that she didn't even get mad at me and even though I was tired at work because of 2 hours of sleep(literally!), it was well worth it. No rest for the wicked! We've got a couple cool shows coming up in September so I'll keep you posted.
Drop me a line at,
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