Saturday, August 13, 2005

Windsor now on iTunes!

You can now find free Windsor sample songs in the iTunes Music Store by typing

Windsor Melting Highway in the search window-

Thanks for your support and for checking out the new songs!


you can hear more tracks at:

Windsor has a new funny video at
Thanks for watching and thanks for all the awesome comments on myspace!!!
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It sucks how it happened, but the Chicago Bears starting quarterback, Rex Grossman, broke his ankle last night in the preseason game, so Chad Hutchinson will be their starting QB for likely the entire season. The only other QB on the roster at present is a rookie from Purdue, Kyle Orton. If they don't bring in a veteran, I guess he'll have a chance to prove it he deserves to be an NFL quarterback.
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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hello all,
We just got back from an amazing trip in Lake Arrowhead, CA.

Armed with:
4 super soakers
1 glow in the dark football
1 bat and nerf baseball
2 awesome cabins
1 awesome Master Craft speed boat
2 new wake boards
1 party dock
300 beers
20+ bottles of misc. booze
2 acoustic guitars
15 hoochie mama girls
15 studly players
2 barbeques
Large # of Hot dogs and hamburgers
Fruit Veggies Jello Shots etc...
1 pool table
1 awesome bar to dance on
3 blasting stereos
15 bags of chips
okay so we had a lot of stuff
i'll end here.

This is the perfect formula for an awesome weekend.

The weather was amazing and we partied and relaxed for 72 hours in the sun
on the beautiful lake they call Lake Arrowhead.

The girls all looked hot! and I won't speak for the guys.

I'll post the pics up soon,
Thanks so much to everyone who made this trip possible!
It was a dream weekend for sure that will never be forgotten!
great times. the acoustic jam sess on the deck of the cabin outside under the stars with everyone drunk and singing along was probably my favorite...
that was awesome.
Keep in touch everyone!
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