Tuesday, November 29, 2005

So, I was stopping in for an ordinary late lunch in Solana Beach at Rubio's (one of my favorite places to eat) and I ran into the famous Padre baseball relief pitcher Trevor Hoffman. Before I said hi to him I walked outside and called up one of my best friend's Jasen Carr who had taken me to a Padre game this past season and who knows everything about every sport. (He is even an expert on the WNBA! -yeah, this guy knows everything) So I asked Jasen about Trevor Hoffman and ofcourse he knew, and he told me that he was now a free agent and was deciding whether or not to come back to San Diego depending on his contract.

So now with a little extra knowledge, while we were waiting for our Rubio's food, I went and said hi to Trevor and said that I hoped that he stays in San Diego. He was really nice and said that he really appreciated what I said and that he hopes to stay in San Diego too!

It was just a cool moment. I love crossing paths with celebrities.

This year started with running into Tom from the band Blink-182. I got to talk to him for a little and give him our new cd at The Naked Cafe. He was rocking out to it as he drove away. I was stoked.

Then we ran into Britney Spears at The La Costa Resort & Spa. She was very pregnant but flashed us a nice smile as she walked by, looking kinda lost actually.

Got to listen to Trump speak, after sneaking into a conference while my brother was doing a story for KTLA. Jaime got a personal interview.

Ofcourse, my brother Jaime meets a couple celebrities a week. I even saw him interview Arnold Schwartsanegger (I don't know how to spell his name) That was hilarious.

We had dinner next to David Spade in Los Angeles while celebrating my brother's birthday by accident, and now running into Trevor Hoffman was another pleasant surprise.

Well, I don't know what it is about famous people that gets me excited- maybe it's the energy they create from living such unique lives. They really put themselves on the line. I guess that's what I like about meeting them. I know that they are the type of people who go for it.

Hope to talk to you all soon,
Thanks for checking in.
Thanks for your e-mails.
(I realize that even though it says that you can comment on these blogs- you really can't until you sign up for an account yourself and it is definitely kind of a pain to sign up so I don't expect anyone to.)
Just drop me e-mails like you've been doing all along, I love hearing from all of you!
& Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuka, Happy Holidays, Happy New Years and all of those other holidays that are in there somewhere. If we keep adding Holidays, we won't have any normal days left! (wouldn't that be awesome!)
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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Find Windsor on myspace.com

New songs coming and new pics! 2 Downloads available NOW!!!! (on myspace.com)

Search Windsor on myspace.com

Thanks to everyone for all of your awesome comments and questions,

We have new songs coming soon to our myspace site so we made 2 songs available for download before we change them off of the page-download them quick because they might not be there for much longer!

Down load the first two songs of our album Melting Highway now for your listening pleasure...

Miss You
El Mundo

We have new pics from the Key Club show in Hollywood on Friday November 11th and some live video footage that we'll try to put up on the sites soon too!

(Special CD Release Avalable from Thanksgiving to Christmas)
For $10 you can help support Windsor's new recordings by buying a special papercase 15 song Windsor cd right now until Christmas. The CD includes the entire Melting Highway Album (12 Tracks) along with 3 Brand New bonus tracks that will be featured on the upcoming Windsor album called Forever Endeavors to be released in 2006- it's a great taste of what is to come and 2 of the new songs are already getting air play in San Diego!
e-mail us on myspace on how to get this special cd and with your order we'll also throw in a "sweet ass" Windsor bumper sticker:-)w

Special 15 Song CD Track Listing
1) El Mundo
2) Miss You
3) Sell Yourself
4) As I Drown
5) Fall In Line
6) Love Song (acoustic)
7) Future
8) So Much
9) Some Dream
10) Washed Out
11) *secret song*
12) Unconditional
13) You Should Know (you can check this song out at windsormusic.net/949)
14) Windows
15) The Tiger's Back (Song inspired by 9/11 - Recorded on 9/11/05 - Debuted on the radio on 94.9FM in San Diego 9/11/05)

We can't wait to show you all the new songs!

Thanks so much for your support, you guys are the people who inspire us and allow us to make the music as great as we possibly can. Each and every one of you guys have been great to us and thanks to everyone's support, we have had enough money to finish these next few tracks with flying colors!!!
(All of our cd sales will go towards our new recordings so thanks so much for your support-we can't say this enough!)

(Willie, Jaime, Micah, & Ian)

Also thanks to our friend's band 2nd Day Crush (check them out on myspace)
Windsor is now being played on KCLA college radio in Los Angeles!

more good news coming soon...
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Monday, November 21, 2005

Amazing Unreal Incredible Party...

Kristen and I were invited to a party in Rancho that turned into yet another
unforgetable night.

This place was amazing!

Frank's house (all 7 acres!) had

huge pools
fire pits
giraffes (yes two real live giraffes!)
10 foot by ten foot screen mini theater
heat lamps
huge palm trees
huge chandeleares (sorry I don't know how to spell that word)
a 26 person limo
golf carts
sports cars
private jet
private yachts

we had food, champagne, played games with the 20 other guests
(girls and guys) who were all around 25 years old

we played Mafia, a very cool game that you'll have to ask me about sometime

Frank told me his secret to life, along with many of the other guests

Frank also showed me his remote control laptop like device which controlled
everything on the property that was all a touch screen system - everything
from activating waterfalls to changing the temperature in every room

there were also cameras recording 24/7 in each room that you could view
from this handy remote control device. it was wild.

hope to touch base with you all soon,
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great times.

The Key Club show was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.
Thanks to so many of our friends and family for traveling long and short distances
to join us for a very memorable night.

It was one of those nights where everything went right and I really think every single person had a great time.

That was probably Windsor's biggest best show yet!

For those of you who couldn't make it, we'll try to have some video footage up on
the sites soon so you can check it out. Great club, great bands, and out of the Top Ten Best
Unsigned Bands that played that night, several A&R reps said that Windsor was the highest rated band of the night!

Windsor has meetings with several labels during the next few weeks so we'll keep you updated!

Talk soon!
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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Thanks so much to everyone who made the Key Club show an incredible night for Windsor! I could never have pulled this awesome night off without the extra magic and help from all the friends fans and family!

I would like to personally thank:

Kristen Hogan
Micah Rabwin
Ian Falgout
Jaime Chambers
Julie Chambers
Renee from anrnet.com
Maige from anrnet.com
Jac DeHaan
Evan Kinkle
Liz Cruz
Tyler Crowley
Lyle Bellquist
Kelly Hogan
Lindsay Hunter & Chris from 2nd Day Crush
Jonah Milanes
Ignacio Cervantes
Ricardo Escareno
Jonas Day
5 Alarm
Brad Golden
Ben Davis
Scott Hinkley
Jim and Jane Chambers
Kristen and Dan Viemeister
Drew Kolanz
Rodriguez from Econo Lodge
Joe Poindexter from Geffen
Raquel from anrnet.com
Heather from Capitol
Britney from Atlantic
Amy from Universal
Chad Bamford
Rick Joseph
Dr. Clark
Steve Refling
Mike Busbee
Beau Hill
Tom Goehlring
Peter from Thrive
Brad Kemp at Key Club
Kim Koury at Key Club
David & Deborah Chambers
Diane Zavaterro & Annabelle!
Nan F. Buddy & Orin
Tobi Crabtree
Echo Revolution
The two awesome guys at Sunset Pizza who re-opened at 3 am to feed us!
The guy from New Zealand
The guy from UK
I know I forgot people so you know who you are and I thank you too!
That was an awesome night and out of the Top 10 Unsigned Bands Windsor got the highest rating!
Windsor has several meetings planned with labels for next week!
Thanks so much you guys!
We'll try and post some video footage up soon!
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