Thursday, December 29, 2005

So last month I run into Trevor Hoffman from the Padres at Rubio's in Solana Beach, CA and two days ago I go to Roberto's in Solana Beach and I run into Dave Roberts from the Padres- These baseball players love Mexican food in Solana Beach! It was wierd because I had just watched a special featuring Dave Roberts on tv so I knew all about him. He was really nice in person and while we were both waiting in line for food I told him I had run into Trevor Hoffman and got to talk to him for a while as well. Roberts said he just finished working out with Trevor that morning and we both agreed that it was great to have Trevor on the team next year after all of that contract debating.
I'll let you know next week if i have any more Padre or Charger sitings-
Oh yeah, and it's my birthday on Jan 3rd, happy birthday to me-
I am getting old. damn. (still clinging to my twenties)
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Sunday, December 25, 2005

(continued again!)
start reading from previous entries...
(I started this post two entries ago
to make sure that I didn't lose what
I was writing because this computer
has been shutting down)

It's been a great Christmas! I have
actually had 5 Christmisses (I just
invented a new word, cool)

I have 1 Christmas to go later today
giving me a six pack of Christmisses.

I actually had more fun giving than getting
this year for the first time, wierd. My
favorite gift I gave this year was a real
collectors addition Star Wars Light Saber
which I gave to my brave surfer brother-

It lit up the room with awesome sound effects and
a cool green glow- Jaime played with it all
day long!

ha ha

Merry Christmas and I'll check back with new
Thanks for stopping by,
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(read the post before this one first)

The waves were huge!

Thousands of people hundreds of photographers News crews and probably 200
surfers were at Swamis in Cardiff, CA last Wednesday if you hadn't heard-
It was crazy, being a surfer myself, it was a rush just watching from the
bluff. When I first got there it looked big, 12 foot sets were rolling in
and I thought about cruising out because I had been surfing before when
it was 12 to 15 feet one time before under more reasonable conditions with
a channel and warmer water. Then I saw a 20 foot set come through and that
sealed the deal- there was no way I was going out- as fun as it was and as
crazy as I may have thought I was, I thought to myself-you could seriously
die out there! I watched from the bluff as life guard jet skis towed out
surfers who were getting pounded by the big waves- it was an amazing day
to watch and it felt like a big day in Hawaii!!!

A number of surfers caught the waves of there life that day I'm sure-

Crazy enough, my brother Jaime Chambers reporter and Surf reporter on the KTLA News felt the pressure to uphold his surf reporter rep and paddled out up north
where it was at least 12 to 15 feet! his camera crew was there and he dropped
in on a couple of huge waves that they got on tape! (I'll try and put a video
clip up of the footage soon) He got two huge waves and on his 3rd wave he
banged himself up and has a cut and bruise on his nose- he was alright and
did a cool surf report right after talking about the waves-

They aired his waves on KTLA later that night!

(continued scroll up!)
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Wow- lot's of exciting stuff has happened in a short time I can barely keep up with talking about it- I already feel like I've forgotten to write about so many cool things that have gone by like a blur-

Well, these last few weeks have been a ton of fun
I found out there was a Sugarcult rock show at the
Disneyland House of Blues on December 18th and some
of my good friends from bands I've played with before
were opening up so I had to figure out how to go- I
called ticket master but the show ofcourse, was sold
out- I thought about calling Tim from Sugarcult but
because it was only hours before the show I didn't
really feel like bothering him- so I took a chance
and drove from San Diego to Anaheim with hopes to sneak
in the sold out show- I got to the show about an hour
before the first band was supposed to start and I got
a call from my cousin Pat- He said: Willie! I've got an
extra 2nd row ticket to see the Lakers wanna go?(we would
get to sit next to Keanu Reeves and Brooke Burke)

Damnit, I thought, what do I do? I'm already in Anaheim
so that made it easy to get to the game- I told him I'd
call him back in 15 minutes- so I happened to sneak in
the House of Blues concert and a bunch of good friends
from the band Rock Kills Kid and Sugarcult were all
there back stage with dinner beers and smiles- After the
peer pressure oif old friends set in I decided to stay-
and skip the Lakers game- It was a great show and I got
a ton of cool pics. It was a bummer to have two great things
happen at the same time though. I would have loved to go to

Tim Pagnotta, Marko 72, Airin and Kenny from Sugarcult were
all really nice and put on a great show. I talked to Marko 72
about his cool tour opening for Green Day and his new baby! &
found out that me and Airin (bassist from Sugarcult) actually
played soccer against eachother for many years even though we
didn't know eachother back in the highschool and club soccer days-
He played for Arsenal and I played for the San Dieguito Surf Soccer
Great times traveling and tournaments etc.

Reed Calhoun and Shawn Dailey were great to connect with as well
they play for a band called Rock Kills Kid and I played in a band
with them when I was in Santa Barbara (continued scroll up!)
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Saturday, December 17, 2005

So it was kinda funny, The San Diego Union Tribune newspaper was doing a story on musicians and their day jobs and they picked me as one of the 4. I did the interview with this guy named Mike who was pretty cool and then they sent a photographer over to my house to take a profile shot with my guitar. This woman (the photographer) named Crissy set up this large black back drop at my house and then took about 100 pictures of me with my guitar! It felt cool because it made me feel like a rockstar but at the same time it felt kind of silly because I'm pretty sure that they are only going to use 1 picture for the paper out of the 100 taken-ha ha- the next shot she wants to get is my Dad and I because I work part time for him doing some accounting and management for him at his Construction Company called James P Chambers Construction. It's been great working for my Dad because it's really flexible and it allows me a great amount of time to work on writing and music. It will be interesting to see Crissy try to get a shot at the jobsite- I hope she doesn't need 100 shots at the site!

(I was bummed that Tookie died. An eye for an eye and the whole world is blind.)
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Saturday, December 03, 2005

So my brother Jaime Chambers called me up the other night and was thinking about running for Congress!
Wild, my little brother, the reporter, congress guy... President?

Naaa, don't get your hopes up too soon.
He asked me to be his campaign manager and what I thought about him running.

I thought, if he was sincere and seriously thought he could make things better around here,
more power to him!

He's got a lot of rich friends who would back him, and I think he would win.

Anyways, he just turned 26 so he qualifies because you have to be 25 years old to run for congress.
30 to run for senate and 35 to run for president. I'm pretty sure.

I played a great game of soccer today with friends in Encinitas
We thought we were playing to 5 and we were up 5 to 3. Then everyone wanted to play longer to 10.
We went down 9 to 6, and then, with some old trusty soccer magic, we came back and won 10 to 9!
Rock n' roll. I have got the scrapes and bloody knee to prove we were playing hard!

As I always say: "It's not that great to win, but it sucks to lose."


I'm going to the Chargers/Raiders game tomorrow with my friend Ignacio and the Pizza Port Crew!
(If you watch it on tv, look for me, I will be wearing a light blue Chargers headband in a sea of 60,000 people!)
ha ha
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