Sunday, February 19, 2006

Here is a link to the online San Diego Union Tribune Newspaper article
about me and 3 other "Working Class" musicians-

It was kind of funny because the article was talking about how hard it is to make it in the music business and how alot of musicians are struggling- (while I read this article I was driving around in my parents shiney dark blue convertible mercedes!)
oh the irony!

If you wanna check it out, here's the online linkage...

the other artist in the article named Sean in the band Reeve Oliver is a kick ass singer songwriter, I highly recommend you checking them out. He works at Sea World at the Seal and Otter Show!

I'm really excited because I just got an e-mail invite from Chad Bamford (Weezer's "Make Believe" producer) in Los Angeles and he's going to show me his studio for some possible new Windsor recordings!
Talk to you soon,
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Saturday, February 18, 2006

I thought I would take a moment and let everyone know about the new "SQUISH" songs I've been playing.

I "squish" 2 songs together and play the music to one song while I sing the words to another-
(usually, I take a legendary song and squish it with a funny song)

For Example:
Led Zepplin "Stairway to Heaven" & Britney Spears "Oops I Did It Again"

Squish song title: "Stairway to Britney"
Led Zepplin music with Britney Spears words-
(people like this one alot when I play it at acoustic shows) :-)w

some other squish songs by Willie from Windsor
"Ironic Loser" Alanis Morrisette music squished w/ Beck "Loser" words
"Vanilla Marley" Ice Ice Baby words No Woman No Cry music
"Imagine Big Butts" John Lennon "Imagine" music, "I Like Big Butts" words
"Snoop Bird" Beatles "Black Bird" music Snoop Doggie Dawg "Gin & Juice" words

Rock on my good friends...

(oh yeah, if you're in San Diego, check out The San Diego Union Tribune tomorrow Sunday, February 19th, for an article on me and 3 other musicians and their day jobs, funny stuff.)
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Thursday, February 16, 2006

For Valentines Day (and our 5 year dating anniversary!) I took Kristen to see Cirque Du Soliel held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. It was nothing less than awesome!
Kristen really appreciated the acts because she is into YOGA and massage and
all that cool stuff that I get to benefit from when she has to practice her massage
on someone. :-)w

I forgot how amazing and capable the human body is.

Cirque Du Soliel is a really cool show. It was almost as if we were in a dream.

I even got to drink a margarita and Kristen had a glass of wine
while we laughed, clapped, and even held our breath at moments
while amazing artists flew through the air with incredible style
and grace. They should sell margaritas at the movie theaters!

One moment in the show a man and a woman were doing these amazing
strength and balancing positions. They went through a variety of
positions, it's hard to describe in words, but I'll do my best.

Picture the man on the bottom, with one arm under his upper, upper chest
area to support himself and a woman above the ground. His legs were
strectched out like superman parallel to the ground. The woman was
directly above him with her upper chest directly above his upper chest
and holding on to him. She was streched out like superman as well with
her legs stretching out completely in the opposite direction- all supported
by the man's one arm! You had to see it to belive it.

Talk to you soon, and Happy late Valentines Day!
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Monday, February 06, 2006

Hello all,
Kinda fun, I just found out that this article about me and 3 other musicians (and their day jobs)comes out in the San Diego Union Tribune on Sunday, February 19th

It will probably have a dorky pic of myself and tell some cool stories so check it out if you're bored.

Sunday is a good morning to ignore the television for five minutes and read something! (ha ha, I say that like I actually read alot and don't watch much tv)


Thanks for stopping is good
(I'm going to meet with Chad Bamford (who produced the last Weezer album called "Make Believe"...ya know, the one with the song that goes..."BEVERLY HILLS, THAT'S WHERE I WANNA BE!" and also has the song that goes..."WHEN YOU"RE OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS IN YOUR NEW MERCEDES BENZ AND YOUR, ON DRUGS!") in the next few weeks so I'm pretty excited to check out his studio and hopefully we'll have some new kick ass Windsor recordings soon!)
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