Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hello all... exciting news for our new music!
WINDSOR songs and WINDSOR's album MELTING HIGHWAY is NOW AVAILABLE for DIGITAL DOWNLOADS at ALL of the COMPANIES listed BELOW!!! Grab a tune for $0.99 or less when you have time and thanks so much for your support!!! Love, Windsor

(Windsor songs are now available at the following companies!!!)
Which ever works easiest for you...

Apple iTunes February 25, 2005

MusicIsHere March 29, 2005

MusicMatch May 6, 2005

MusicNet May 7, 2005

Liquid Digital Media May 9, 2005

MSN Music May 10, 2005

Napster May 10, 2005

LoudEye May 24, 2005

MusicNow June 6, 2005

BuyMusic June 21, 2005

PassAlong July 13, 2005

Ruckus August 1, 2005

Rhapsody August 2, 2005

WrapFactory August 3, 2005

DigitalKiosk August 10, 2005

TreeTunes August 25, 2005

Arvato October 11, 2005

PlayIndies October 18, 2005

NextRadio October 25, 2005

Tradebit November 16, 2005

PayPlay November 20, 2005

DigiPie November 20, 2005

Interia December 5, 2005

Iriver Media Online December 6, 2005

Puretracks December 6, 2005

GroupieTunes December 6, 2005

HearMusic December 6, 2005

MP3-Extension December 10, 2005

Destra December 31, 2005

MOD Systems December 31, 2005

Choice Records January 24, 2006

Inprodicon January 25, 2006

Daiki (Music Online Corp) February 9, 2006

Sony Connect February 15, 2006

Verizon Wireless March 16, 2006

YooPeDoo March 22, 2006

Thanks so much for your support!
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Fun weekend at The Disneyland Hotel

My grandfather, Stan Chambers, who is now 83 years old! has been on tv, mostly on KTLA Channel 5 news at 10PM, for 58 and a half years! woo hoo! They had a ceremony at The Disneyland Hotel where Aptra (a company that gives out all of the Southern California major broadcast awards changed the "Mark Twain" award to the "Stan Chambers" award. We all got dressed up in tuxes and watched my grandfather get this surpise recognition from all of his collegues and co-workers. He has more awards than anyone on the planet! Along with his Fire Department Awards, Police Department Awards, Gold Microphone Awards, etc.. which are mostly gathering dust in some old closet somewhere, he also has a star on Hollywood Blvd., a street named after him in Hollywood, a building named after him, and the mayor of Los Angeles even named a special day after him in December! "Stan Chambers Day"!!! He is a great person.


Thanks for stopping by,
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Thursday, March 23, 2006


5 Years ago before I formed the band Windsor...

Willie Jaime and our good friend and great drummer Peter Vilotti formed a band called The State in Santa Barbara...

We were drunk when Pete talked Jaime and I into making this video, ha ha

Get this video and more at MySpace.com
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Sunday, March 19, 2006

We went and watched Cuba beat the Dominican Republic at Petco Park yesterday-good times... *A Ferris Bueller moment-Right after we heard the song Twist and Shout at the game, my friend Jonah (who is a hardcore CUBA fan who also brought a huge flag) was caught on camera with all of us center of the big screen at the stadium yelling CUBA CUBA!!!

it was pretty cool.

Kristen went to watch UCLA at the COX Arena for March Madness Basketball and there was a huge bomb scare that evacuated the entire stadium!

Turned out one of the bomb squad dogs was barking like crazy because the dog wanted the hot dogs from a hot dog stand! ha ha (false alarm)

Here is a funny video of something totally different:

Get this video and more at MySpace.com

Talk to you later,
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Last minute fun!!! the leap of faith pays off...

Last night my brother called me at 5:38PM to ask me if I wanted to go to the Lakers game at The Staples Center in LA- He had 2 tickets but he couldn't go.

(2 hours to LA I thought, and the game starts at 7:30PM) yikes! but I really wanted to go! I called up my friend Ignacio and he said "sounds good"- He is one of those friends you can always count on and really easy going.

Still I was slightly reluctant because if there was any traffic, we would miss most of the game. Still I pressed on to go pick up my friend.

Next, I find out that in order to get the tickets I have to drive 1/2 hour past The Staples Center to my brother's place to get the tickets! damn. 2 hours to get to the game + 1/2 hour to my bros + plus 1/2 hour back to The Staples Center equals 3 hours! we would miss the first half, and that's if there's no traffic. Still, me and Ignacio started driving and would take a leap of faith heading North on the freeway-

So as we're driving North from San Diego and trying to figure out how to get the tickets faster I finally call my friend Tyler. He said he has a friend Ethan who might be near my bro's house-

The leap of faith works! 45 minutes into our drive towards Los Angeles, Tyler's friend Ethan happened to be driving right by my brother's house! He called us and said he would meet us at The Staples Center with the tickets because he was on his way to Tyler's and it was right on his way! There happened to be no traffic that Tuesday night from 6PM to 8PM on the 5 and we sat down in our seats midway through the first quarter! It worked out perfect. unbelievable.

Kobe had a great game! He was hitting some awesome three pointers from way outside the key and making some extra special crowd pleasing dunks! We had beers hot dogs and I even treated myself to a tasty cinnamon pretzel. The Lakers won and held the Orlando Magic under 90 points so everyone won two free tacos at Jack n the Box!
woo hoo

Because we waited for most of the crowd to leave before we left,we happened to walk back to our car with all of the hottie Laker girls! I was going to try and introduce Ignacio to a group of them but he was feeling shy. I must say they were pretty hot though. Last time I went to the Lakers game with Kristen she said it looked like fun so maybe I can talk her into being a Laker girl one day too! ha ha

sometimes a leap of faith can actually work out! (I thought we'd end up in traffic and miss the whole game- seriously, I kinda felt stupid when we started driving north- but the Universe was definitely on our side that night...i love it when things work out.)

See you laters,
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Strange, yet cool, surprising and a funny, memorable night...

Kristen and I went down to Bourbon St. (a bar with music in San Diego) this last weekend and saw a female singer/songwriter named Ashley Matte perform some acoustic excellence. She has opened for huge acts such as Chris Isaac and Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes) to name a few, and was a great vocalist and solid guitarist. I would describe her as Sheryl Crow meets Avril Lavigne meets Sarah McLaughlin with an extra pinch of magic and soul. She really had a strong full sounding voice with a huge range. The brand new $3,000.00 Taylor sponsored guitar sounded pretty awesome too!

Kristen (my fiancee, for those of you who don't know) has recently been hired as the Entertainment Editor of a new magazine called Avenue San Diego and so she was really excited to interview her first artist to write about after watching the show... and I got to tag along for the ride... it was strange, yet cool, surprising and a funny, memorable night...

After arriving with Kristen at the club the two men at the door asked us for our IDs and after we gave them to the doormen one of the guys said to Kristen, "I really like the way you changed your hair." Not something you'd normally hear from a security guard/doorman but she said "Thanks", (we looked at eachother with a funny smile) and then we walked in the club to get some seats.

We were one of the first couples to arrive and as couples started entering the Pub we realized that everyone who entered the club came in pairs of the same sex! Ha ha, we looked at eachother and laughed- we were in a gay bar! She was glad I came with her because we both just weren't used to being in this type of scene, especially to be alone in this type of scene and getting hit on!

It was a ton of fun though,(mostly girls with girls, probably 90%) the gay community is a very loving group! Kissing, hugging, friendly-ness all around. Not what you see at a normal straight bar where everyone has their game face on and trying to act cool. Anyways, we definitely stood out as the "straight couple" in the room and we got a lot of funny but friendly looks. When Kristen went to the bathroom she said she overheard these two guys talking about me as I was sitting alone. She sadi they said: "Who's that?" the other one said- "He came in with a girl..." then Kristen said they both looked at eachother and said in soft voices, "eeewww" -That made me laugh out loud when she told me.

We met a couple of really cool girls who took our picture and invited us to another Ashley Matte show next week. They said that the show next week would be just as fun and also that it "was a bit more of a straight crowd". All in all Kristen and I had a great night. She interviewed Ashley after the show who was really pretty and really cool to talk to. We found out that she had New Orleans roots but was enjoying the So Cal scene. You can read Kristen's article about Ashley next month in Avenue San Diego's first issue! 40,000 glossy copies of the magazine will run in April! So look for it everywhere in San Diego! (It will have a similar look to 944 Magazine in San Diego if you know that one and is defined as "News Week meets Rolling Stone".)

Hope everyone is doing well,
Free Willie!!!
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