Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Great news everyone!

My brother Jaime and his wife Julie are having their second baby!
It's official! After their wonderful week long vacation on a 100
person yacht island hopping around Italy and through the Mediterranian
Sea they came back took two tests and told us the news yesterday!

Annabelle their first beautiful daughter is almost 2 and a half and
she will have her first younger brother or sister!

Thanks for checking in
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Monday, August 28, 2006

Went to the Jimmy Eat World concert at The Del Mar Race Track on Saturday!
It was excellent- we had Del Margaritas on the infield of the track with about
10,000 people or more! The show was great and after I snuck back stage &
got to talk with the band- I happened to have a Windsor cd with me so hope-
fully they'll like the new songs I gave them to listen to on their drive to the next
show... (they might be my favorite band)

Went surfing on Sunday morning with my bro and friends in Cardiff-the ocean
is amazing- I highly recommend that everyone should get in it.

Happy 27th Birthday to my good friend Micah!

Hope to hear from you all soon,
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Friday, August 25, 2006

Good Times...

Went to San Francisco last weekend to visit good friends
We walked 8 miles through the city and saw street performers in the park
We drove south down goregous highway 1 from SF to SD...
Great places to camp along the way...

Went and saw the Padres beat the Dodgers on Wednesday 7 to 2 woo hoo...
They're only 1 game out of first...

Went to Balboa Park last night in San Diego and thousands of people gathered with picnics
wine and patries to watch Viva Las Vegas, an old Elvis movie on a huge screen under the stars...
(It was so fun, what ever happened to drive in movie theatres?)
Talk to you soon,

(I never know who reads this so to get the crazy extended version of these events which were rated over PG-13 you'll have to e-mail me personally for details...)
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Band (WINDSOR) was offered to play BATTLE OF THE BANDS

no joke!

Windsor was picked as one of the Top Ten unsigned bands of Los Angeles
(Top 10 unsigned bands from all of the major cities of the U.S.)
100 bands Battle
Winner gets... ... ONE MILLION DOLLARS

$1,000,000.00 (some gambling comany named BODOG is putting it on)


The show would be at The ROXY in Hollywood mid September-
Let me know if any of you will be around,
We're going to try and see if we can do this crazy thing!
Are you in?

(If we win we are going to put on the biggest party you've ever heard of...)
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Friday, August 11, 2006

Hello you guys...

So I had a vision the other night that I could end hunger around the world-
Crazy, huh?

Here's my idea: (I'm sure it needs a little, no, a lot of work so e-mail me back if you think of anything that might help this idea along at: willie1377@yahoo.com )


Hungry kids around the world would line up at webcams at convenient locations.
Anyone around the world could log onto the internet and see a live video from a webcam of a hungry kid waiting- They might even type in their (name age and sex)
for a chance to get a meal live at the webcams. By clicking a button similar to apple's itunes you could buy a kid lunch for $0.99! When you click on the button that says "BUY MEAL", a food stamp would spit out of the vending machine below the web camera for the hungry kid to accept, say thanks, and take to the store.

That's the simple version of my idea. There are obviously 100's of more questions and factors to weigh in but at the same time I think it might not be far off...

Other thoughts:
You need monitors to make sure the kid that is hungry is actually getting the food.
(Maybe a web cam with a larger view could allow the "Meal Buyer" to watch the child get the stamp, walk to the store, and even eat lunch, if the buyer wanted to see his $0.99 actually work.

I was thinking about it and I think a hungry kid is probably the first terrible problem that is actaully solvable! We have 7 billion people in the world and plenty of food to go around. The least we can do is make sure the kids aren't hungry.

Thanks for reading this and stopping by,
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