Monday, February 12, 2007

Willie & Jaime Chambers off to Mammoth to snowboard!

Watch for Jaime's live Surf/Snow report this morning on the KTLA News this morning infront of millions of viewers!(LIVE FROM MAMMOTH with lots of fresh powder!)

music news:
Willie finished 7 new acoustic tracks to be released soon!

Windsor set to go into the studio in March to finish their 2nd album titled FOREVER ENDEAVORS to be released in 2007!

stay tuned for at least 12 new songs!

thanks for listening to one of the new tracks called JUST MAYBE and thanks for all of your awesome comments!
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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hello all,
pretty cool super bowl start but kind of a boring ending
I'm a Charger fan so I'm still waiting for next year to get
excited again about football

My grandfather William R. Anderson who we all called
"Dodo" passed away recently so I wrote a song for him
and recorded it yesterday on his birthday February 3rd.

I ended up recording 7 acoustic songs and some of them
came out pretty cool so check out:

and I should have them up for listening soon.
The song for Dodo is called:"Lost A Good Friend In May"

Talk to you all soon,
Thanks for listening,


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