Monday, May 28, 2007

So yesterday May 27th was my 1 year wedding anniversary with my wife Kristen Chambers! We made it! so far so good... :-)w

cool news, we got a 2003 Lincoln Navigator SUV!

now we can take 8 friends with us comfortably when we wanna go party, Padre Games, Chargers, road trips, wake-boarding at Lake Arrowwhead,etc

It even has a trailer hitch so we can tow Kristen's Dad's Mastercraft speed boat!


It also comes in handy for my band Windsor because we can load the whole band and all of our equiptment in a trailer behind us for rock show road trips and mini tours-

It even has a DVD player in it with 2 cool screens on the driver and passenger seats so you can watch movies in the back- pretty sweet.

Kristen was a happy wife yesterday to get a new car!

The dealership guy was funny, he said- "It used to be that you got your wife paper (new stationary) for your one year anniversary, now it's a Navigator! times have sure changed!"

Thanks for checking in,
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Friday, May 25, 2007

we pulled it off.

We had a HUGE suprise 50th Birthday Party for my Dad A.K.A. James P. Chambers A.K.A Jim A.K.A. Jimmy A.K.A. Grampa! and we totally suprised him!

He now has his first healthy grandson Thomas McLoughlin Chambers (Tommy) born two weeks ago and I am happy to say that he made it down from Los Angeles to make the party- My grandfather Stan Chambers also made it down which made the night extra special along with about 200 friends and family members to the Power House on the beach in Del Mar, CA near 15th street.

My good friend and great musician Christian Love, (son of legendary Beach Boy, Mike Love) brought his band 5-Alarm to play music for everyone and it turned out to be a great night! The band called me up and I ended up playing guitar with the band and singing the cover song "The Joker" by The Stevie Miller Band. I was feeling great from all of the excellent margaritas so I'm pretty sure it sounded great-we had everybody dancing! Las Olas mexican food catered the whole thing with excellent food and drinks and we even got to eat a tasty huge lined with strawberries dipped in chocolate chocolate cake from Isabelle Brien's Pastry shop in Encinitas. She is my aunt "Isabelle Brien Chambers" one of the coolest eople I know I might add.

What else cool?!

recordings with Windsor in Montecito are coming along great! can't wait to show you all some new songs soon!

oh yeah, for my 1 year wedding anniversary, we got tickets to go to see Sting and The Police! We're also going to be staying at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for 3 nights to celebrate our anniversary and to celebrate Kristen Chambers sister Kelly Hogan's 21st Birthday with about 20 of her beautiful close friends- hanging out with Kristen, Kelly, and all of those girls together at a kick ass suite at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas definitely makes me feel like a rockstar!

Las Vegas watch out cuz here we come!

(Windsor's song Miss You was chosen as the main page daily download on
go download it now for FREE today only-thanks for listening and checking in, :-)willie)
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Hello all,
Pretty cool weekend...

I played soccer and scored 3 GOALS this Saturday!
woo hoo! I still get stoked like I was when I was
6 years old running around playing swarm ball...
We won 4 to 2! It was just one of those days where
everytime I kicked the ball, it seemed to go into
the net, what can I say? I totally rocked that game-
Our star player and my good friend Ignacio Cervantes
wasn't feeling so well that game so I knew I had to
step it up-

I haven't had a "Hat Trick" in a long while so that
game will keep me smiling for a nice long time-
(I love to play well infront of the girls)
It's so wierd to me the kinds of things that really
make us feel great- What's yours!? e-mail me some-thing
that makes you feel great!

Mother's Day was a good time as well- we got flowers
and cards and a big picnic together and we all went
down to the beach near Cardiff By the Sea- we brought
our new puppy dog RUBY who is a little cutsy little
rascle that everyone loves to play and run and do all
those little things that make puppies so cool-

some fun things happening up ahead but I'm not aloud
to talk about them so check back and maybe I'll tell

I have a ton of myspace sites up with new songs so try
to find them if you can- I can barely even remember them
all but they all have different songs on them-

shoot, I forget
bye for now

oh yeah, and
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