Tuesday, June 19, 2007

...I just went on the ultimate trip to VEGAS!!!

My wife Kristen, her sister Kelly, and a bunch of her awesome friends all went for 4 days & 3 nights to The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas to celebrate Kelly's 21st Birthday! so. much. fun.

We all took a 15 person limo to the Hotel where 1,000's of 20-30 somethings were all ready to party. The first night we went to Ghost Bar where there was a huge deck over looking the city. The deck had a section of glass floor where you could stnd on the glass looking 50 stories down! (it definitely gave me that weak in the knees feeling)

At our hotel we had a killer view from our room of a huge Eek-A-Mouse reggae concert by the pool!

One of the nights we went and saw a Doors tribute band where the lead singer looked and sounded exactly like Jim Morrison! I met him and he was a really cool guy named "Dave" (all the girls preferred to call him Jim)

The highlight of the trip was a day that The Hard Rock Hotel likes to call "REHAB". Every Sunday 1,000's & 1,000's of 20 to 30 somethings most of who are muscle men or hot bikini girls strut their stuff at the BIGGEST Dance Party Pool fest yu could imagine! We had our own cabana with all you could eat and drink service all day long while the music blasted and people got drunk and danced. I probably took 400 pictures of all of the dancing madness and it was something I will never forget-

wow. If you like to party and you ever get a chance- I highly recommend REHAB.

Talk to you soon and thanks for checking in,

(get ready for 4 new songs called "You Used To Tell Me" , "Never Never", "The Enemy", and "Just Stay" (acoustic) all tracked and ready to go, they're just getting mixed and mastered right now as I type.

Life has been amazing ever since Kristen declared that we are now "in the business of being awesome"
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wow, what a weekend!

I started off recording at a great studio in Montecito, CA near Santa Barbara.
I called up one of my good friends and great guitarists Aaron Robinson and last minute he happened to have the day off to cruise up and add some of his guitar magic to the Windsor recordings.

Aaron was recently hired on to play in a band called Sea Wolf. Sea Wolf is one of my new favorite indie bands and they are going on their 3rd US tour this summer with a new popular band called The Silversun Pickups. Check out the Silversun Pickups song "Lazy Eye" if you get a chance.

Recording at Sjoerd Koppert's went really well we tracked guitars in this world class studio next door to Oprah's house and Christy Brinkley. It's quite a celeb neighborhood. The Abercrombie family also lives nearby and it was funny because one of the Abercrobie daughters had a crush on Sjoerd.

I recorded new songs called "You Used To Tell Me", "Never Never", "The Enemy", and acoustic song "Just Stay".

My KTLA Reporter brother and lead guitarist for Windsor was stuck reporting at Paris Hilton's jail cell for most of the day but he made it to the studio that evening just in time to finish his parts. I'm really excited to show everyone the new songs. I think that these will be the best recordings I have ever done in my life so far.

Look for them on myspace or iTunes in a couple months...
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Willie's upcoming events...
6/14/07-I'm recording with my band Windsor on Thursday June 14th near Santa Barbara CA at this really cool world class studio in Montecito next to Oprah's house!

crazy, huh?!

(new songs to show on myspace.com/williechambers soon...)

6/15/07-6/18/07-I'm going with 15 hottie girls (including the hottest of them all, my wife Kristen) to Las Vegas for my wife's sister Kelly's 21st B-Day!!! We're staying at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel from Friday June 15th to Monday- if you're in Vegas come look for us getting drunk in our pool cabana by the pool! can't wait!

6/21/07-On June 21st I'm going to see The Police with Sting and all of the original members at The Duck Pond in Anahiem, CA near Los Angeles.

That's all for now... come find me at one of these places if you can

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