Thursday, July 26, 2007

Crazy news- my band Windsor got asked to have our song on the HBO show Entourage and a US Tour offer!

The tour would start on August 10th 2007 so we're doing our best to make it work with such little notice. The new recordings are coming together nicely so I can't wait to show you the new songs! Check out the possible Tour Dates at:

Talk to you all soon I hope!

(Our tour would be 20 shows from August 10th to September 4th 2007 starting in Long Beach,CA to Vancouver, CANADA & ending with 2 shows in New York!)
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It's been a few weeks so I thought I would try and sneak a blog in here real quick-so much happening so fast these days I hardly know where to start!

We won a crazy fun soccer game!

I totally scored two goals! woo hoo yeah for me-

The first goal I intercepted a pass from defender to defender and took it down the left side- I hit the shot with my weaker left foot and it was pretty much straight at the goalie :-( then the ball took an incredible bounce off of this clump of grass and bounced off of the goalies chest! I barely out-legged the defender that was running next to me and side volleyed it into the net as all three of us rolled in a huge pile of dust...every once in a while following your shot pays off. crazy though I literally rolled three times after taking the shot because my momentum tripped myself right over the keeper!

The second goal was somewhat similar becaus I stole a high pass from defender to defender with an intercepting header that gave me a break-away. It was towards my right foot and bouncing so when I approached the goal and the keeper came out to cut off the angle, I faked a powerful shot and then finess chipped the ball right over into the goal! (I love/hate to brag but this is my blog so sue me - it was a really good goal) It was wierd because I was watching soccer on tv the night before and I saw some pro do a break-away chip shot goal right before I went to bed. That tv clip flashed in my mind just as I was taking the shot.

The other team was solid which made it fun. We were up 3 to 1 and they came back. I found myself sliding on the goal line trying to stop goals with our keeper until the momentum carried them right back to a tie 3 to 3. With barely and time left I had a shot right at the end in a scramble to score in their goal box. My shot was on it's way in and it hit my team-mate and good friend Evaristo. Luckily the ball didn't bounce far from him and he was able to quickly control the ball turn and shoot to win the game. Right after he scored the ref blew the final whistle...we win 4 to 3!

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

We went and saw The Police with all of the original members on June 21st-
it was pretty much awesome-

they played all of there hits from the 80's!

Walking On the Moon
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Sprits In the Material World
Wrapped Around Your Finger
and tons more!
they ended the show with Every Breath You Take
and it was a packed arena at the Anaheim Duck Pond (Honda Arena)

I got two shirts! woo hoo

The shirts came in handy because last night was a crazy fun night at The Belly Up!
We went with a group of about 20 friends and it was a blur of fun...
(it was 80's night and soooo much fun!!!!) The Belly Up was packed and everybody dressed up in hard core 80's fashion for the occasion- head bands florescent everything crimped hair ...I even saw this guy dressed up like a perfect Magnum P.I. and these girls in crazy cool jazzercise outfits- see you at the next 80's night at The Belly Up! I highly recommend it
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