Monday, August 27, 2007


Lot's of fun cool news...

Kristen and I went to Sea World with a group of four 12 year olds and it was a complete blast! We went on big rollercoasters, saw a great dolphin and Shamu show, saw a 4 D movie and ate a ton of junk food! it was pretty much awesome. I felt like I was 12 again. The river rapid ride got us all soaked! but it was a hot day so it felt perfect. we ended the day with a nice dinner at Inn N Out... yummy.

We also recently took a boys trip (Willie, Jim, Jaime, Dan, Oscar, George, Jonah, Rene, & Ignacio) and went to watch David Beckham and the LA Galaxy soccer team play Chivas USA at The SOLD OUT Home Depot Center near Los Angeles, CA and it was a great time! Most of the 9 of us in our group loaded into my big car and we got pizza and beers and headed to the game from San Diego. We got there early and ended up sitting 6 rows from the corner kick spot which was a great view of the game! The tickets we got included a free camera so we got a ton of great shots during the game. The Chivas fans were awesome with drums, Indian style mo-hawks, fireworks, flags, and red white and blue smoke. Looking up at the main Chivas section, it kinda looked like a war scene from the movie Glory! Chivas USA proved their excellence against Beckham and the Galaxy with a 3 to 0 win! It was pretty cool because most of our group were hard core Chivas fans. They were all proud to be wearing their jerseys and cheered them on. It was close for most of the game though which made it exciting but by the end it was obvious who was the better team. Beckham just can't do it all by himself ya know!?

After getting super back into soccer, I played the semi finals and finals with my own team and scored 4 goals this weekend! We won the Championship for the 3rd time in a row and this year the team gave me the bobble head MVP trophy. I was pretty stoked. I still feel sore and have some roughed up knees from last Saturday. good times.

Thanks for checking in... e-mail me sometime so you can jump on our fun band wagon of fun and parties!
we are on a roll and it doesn't look like the adventures are stopping any time soon! Magic Mountain tomorrow? record new songs in Santa Barbara wed at my friend Sjoerd's studio? (right now he is recording Snoop Doggie Dog! how cool is that?!) Party at my friend Lyal's HUGE ranch house this weekend?
talk soon!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Secrets to the new album soon to be released...& Lyrics to Windsor’s newest song called "Ghost"
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Windsor's Album Forever Endeavors is looking to have these sparkly songs so far...
(release date to come very very soon... oh the anticipation is killing us!!!)
1)Just Maybe - you have better checked out this one already!
2)You Should Know (check this one out at !!!)
3)Never Never (kinda sounds like and has the vibe of that Silversun Pickups song "Lazy Eye")
4)Windows - a song about higher energy
5)The Tiger's Back (inspired by 9-11)
6)Just Stay (acoustic lovey dovey song)
7)Places - makes you feel warm and reminiscentishy inside
8)You Used To Tell Me (cool Green Day esk ish song)
9)The Enemy (the first time Willie has recorded the word "F@K" in a song-good gossip- and introduces fla-metal guitar for the first time ever)
10)Illegal Dream Girl (live acoustic)
11) secret song
12)Warm Room (song sounds like it's performed in a gigantic room, serious!)

ARE YOU READY!?!?!!!!!

Willie from the band Windsor's newest song "Ghost" 8/7/07
Category: Music

Band: Windsor

Song: Ghost


The oxygen from my brain has been cut off ( And I just died a few seconds ago (...go...go...go...go...go...go...go)

And this is my ghost standing infront of you And this is my ghost singing his heart out And this is my ghost saying the thing I wanna say the most

I feel no pain now that I'm made of light (...light...light...light...light...light...light...) I'm everything I am the sky (

And this is my ghost standing infront of you And this is my ghost singing his heart out And this is my ghost saying the thing I wanna say the mos
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Awesome Wake Boarding Trip in Lake Arrowhead!
We went to the Lake and had a complete BLAST!
30 friends 1 huge cabin- 1 speed boat- 1 party dock
4 guitars -lots of beverages -lots of food
good times

well, the tour that we were thinking about doing got bought
by another band for $3,000 so we let them go for it -but we
have been hard at work in the studio and our new album


has a polished or at the least a rough version of every song completed
and I have been listening to the songs quite a bit figuring
out the final tweaks and squeaks...

thanks for checking in & stay tuned


(check out an awesome slide show on Kristen's myspace site to see all of the craziness we've been up to in the last few weeks - crazy fun my friends, that's all I can say... crazy fun.

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