Thursday, September 20, 2007

Willie is working on a coffee table book called Rolling Scones!
(In the book will have Rock n' Roll Artists photo-shopped together with Food and drinks...ARE YOU READY!?)
Here are a bunch, can you think of a new one!?

Al Green Beans-Alicia Keish
Bon Bon Jovi-Bob Barley-Bjork Peppermint Patties-Buns n' Roses-Blink-182% Milk-BudWeezer
Cracker Jack Johnson-Crosby Stills & Mashed Potatos
Depeche A la Mode-Death Cabernet For Cutie
Elvis Parsley-Escar Go Go's
Frank Cilantro-Fruit Fighters-Faith No S'mores-Fleetwood Mac n' Cheese-Flaming Chips
Grateful Bread-George HarriSun flower seeds
Hootie & the Blow Fish & Chips
Iggy Popsicle
John Lemon-Jeff Brockley-James Brownie
Kettle Korn-Kenye Western Bacon Cheese Burger
LL Cool Whip-Leonard Ice Cream Cohen-Lionel Richeese
Marilyn Merlot-Motley Crue-tons-Mozartichoke
Nirvodka-Nelly Fertata-Nine Inch Snails
Oashish ka bob-Oreo Speed Wagon
Paul Salmon-Paul Mc Cauliflower-Pearl Yam-Paula Odoul's
Queens Rice-Queen Fahita
Red Hot Chili Dogs-Rolling Scones-Ringo Starburst-Ravioli Shankar
Smashing Pumpkin Pie-Slim Jimi Hendrix-Soup Doggie Dogg
Tom Patte-Tuna Turner
U2% Milk-Unwritten Slaw
Veal Young-Vanilla Ice Cube
Wu Tang Clam Chowder
Xtreme of Wheat
Young M Sea Food
Zwan Ton-ZZ Top Sirloin!

Can you think of any more!?!
Thanks for your awesome comments!
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

WILLIE WINS! & Hits Trifecta at The Del Mar Race Turf Club on Labor Day! woo hoo! I took Kristen, Jean, and my good friend Tyler Crowley on his Golden Diamond Birthday (Tyler and I cruised down in our suits in a convertible Mercedes to the Del Mar Race Track with two hottie girls Kristen & Jean who were all dressed up) We really felt like rockstars driving down the coast listening to music sipping some drinks headed down the 101 Pacific Coast Highway... we got a table at the Turf Club right at the finish line thanks to my wonderful grandma's excellent Turf Club passes and connections... In the 10th race I hit a Trifecta 9,3,4 to pay for the entire day!
We ended the night with cold stone ice cream and a great Mark Wahlberg movie...

We shoot a music video this weekend in Hollywood for Windsor's song The Tiger's Back so stay tuned!

Jaime Chambers my brother anchored for the first time on KTLA!

Thanks for checking in, talk to you soon,
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