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30 Mar

Entry #15


Hello friends,

Just finished reading the DaVinci Code. Excellent book. I have only read about 4 books in my life that have actually kept my interest so this one will probably keep yours if you have half the attention span of myself. Eternal Sunshine was a pretty good flick with Jim Carrey. He’s funny in a different way this time. Starsky and Hutch wasn’t the best movie but there were a few parts in it that were so funny I was crying.

Anyways, just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for all of the nice e-mails about the new music and the videos. We will be practicing a ton in the next few months in order to get ready for Warped Tour and to add some brand new songs to the set. If you haven’t checked out the new video, go to and tell me what you think,


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24 Mar

Entry #14


I am happy to say that the new Sell Yourself video is up and running!!! Go to to check it out and tell us what you think… I think you will be quite pleasantly entertained.

Rock on my good friends,

1 Willion dollars

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17 Mar

Entry #13


St. Patrick’s Day is a grand day. It makes me think of things that are green:



Green Day


Wheat Grass Juice


Deep Thoughts by Willie Chambers

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15 Mar

Entry #12


Hello all,

I feel like a total shmuck-head because I somehow managed to get a stupid sore throat and won’t be able to sing tonight at Velvet Jones. If anyone who gets this message can prove that they went to the show, and felt jipped because Windsor wasn’t there, let me know and I’ll see what I can do about getting you a free copy of our new cd. Thanks for your support and I am totally bummed that I wasn’t able to rock tonight, I haven’t played a show for a while and was looking forward to it… but, there will be more shows soon so hope to see you soon! (Eating soup drinking tea taking drugs and watching bad movies)


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08 Mar

Entry #11


Special Windsor acoustic show w/guests on March 15th @ The Velvet Jones on State Street in Santa Barbara. Hope to see you all there!

Will I am.

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01 Mar

Entry #10


Yo Yo Yo,

Willz in da hizouse. Okay, I wasn’t born to be a rapper. This weekend was very cool. We shot a new music video for Sell Yourself that is definitely our best video to date. It’s got fireworks…it’s got lightning…it’s got a rain storm… and much much more… Ask me Jaime Micah or Ian about it so you can check out a DVD or you can check it out in the near future when Jac puts it up on our website. Jaime’s off to Costa Rica for 10 days so no shows for a bit but we’ll be back in action soon… Jaime and his wife Julie are expecting a new baby girl in mid April if you didn’t already know so I’ll keep you posted…

Peace in the Middle East,


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