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31 Jan

Jaime Chambers, Windsor’s lead guitarist, who is also a KTLA News reporter for the Channel 5 KTLA News in Los Angeles reports on an …


(From The Los Angeles Times Tuesday January 31, 2006)
*Front page of the California Section*

“A San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy shot and seriously wounded an Air Force security officer late Sunday night after the the airman told the deputy that he was unarmed, in the military and “on your side,” according to (Jaime Chambers) a television news reporter who watched a video tape of the shooting.”

Pick up a copy of The LA Times today if you want the whole story-or watch the KTLA News tonight at 10PM for Jaime’s report
Crazy stuff going on these days…

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24 Jan

WOW! It’s my Mom and Dad’s 30th Anniversary today!
30 years of love and counting…
since Jimmy & Jane Chambers got married January 24th, 1976


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17 Jan

I went to Disneyland on Sunday!!!
woo hoo!

Kristen and I took these two cool girls:
Julia 11 years old (the daughter of a nice talented screen writer who Kristen works for) and
Savannah, 10 years old (one of Julia’s best friends)
to Disneyland for one of the best days ever!

As we walked up to the gates of Disneyland these two women were trying to get rid of their tickets (which were passes to the new California Adventure Land & Disneyland)
so we ended up getting extra cheap tickets to both!

Space Mountain was my favorite at Disneyland & The Tower of Terror was the scariest at California Adventure land -California Adventures is incredible- I definitely recommend it-

They have this new system where you get speed passes so lines are only 20 minutes now instead of 3 hours- which makes it great- we were there right when it opened and stayed until it closed- we must have gone on 20 rides! holy crap!

Going with 10 & 11 year olds definitely makes it extra super fun.
Talk to you all soon I hope!

In spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, my Mom read her 6th grade class my children’s book called “The Painted Zebra” – she said that they were actually quiet the whole entire time she read it so I was pretty happy. 🙂 you can check out some sample pages by clicking the star at that says “Writing”
I had a ton of fun making it! :-)w

e-mail me now at

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14 Jan

I just found out that there’s an article in the San Diego Union Tribune news paper about musicians and their day jobs and I’ll be in it (good or bad?) I don’t know ha ha
anyways, let me know if any of you run into it tomorrow or the next day 1/15/06 1/16/06 or 1/17/06

(I think my Dad might be in it too along with 3 other musicians and their day jobs- one guy is in a band called Reeve Oliver- I heard they were good but I don’t know their music yet)

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14 Jan

Thanks to all who came out to the acoustic rock show the other night!
It was a definite success and I’m pretty sure everyone who came had
a great time…

The luck seems to keep coming my way these days! I entered
this contest and won a three day two night trip for two to
either the Bahamas, Cancun, or the Dominican Republic!

I think Kristen and I are leaning toward the Dominican Republic…

What trip would you pick?

The prize pays for the hotel food drinks and entertainment for
the three nights-

If we decide not to take the trip we get our choice of a FREE 35mm
camera with 100 rolls of free film or a free limo for the day…

We’re still checking on the details…

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05 Jan

I almost forgot to put the day of the show!
that might help

Willie & Jaime from Windsor ( 6:30 ish to 7:30 ish
The Storrow Band ( 7:30 ish to 8:30 ish

@ Cafe E Street
Encinitas CA

Wednesday January 11th
It’s all ages & FREE !!!

Hope to see you there!!!

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05 Jan

Hello all,
quick note-

My friends from The Storrow Band invited me to open for them and play an acoustic set at Cafe E Street in Encinitas, CA. It should be a fun night, so cruise down and join us if you’re in the area. It’s FREE!!!

I will be starting around 6PM till 7PM-ish

The Storrow Band are the type of band who draw a ton of good-looking sorority girls to their shows. They always put on a great entertaining soulful set of acoustic music.

Jeff, one of the guitarists is a good friend of mine and I think the last time I hung out with him was at the Coldplay concert at The Coors Amphitheatre – good times

Hope to see you at the show!

Windsor ( 6:30PM ish
The Storrow Band ( – 7:30PM ish

Live @ Cafe E Street (near the corner of 101 and E-Street in Encinitas)
Free Acoustic Rock Show!!!

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05 Jan

New Years was awesome as usual.
I think New Years is now officially my favorite holiday.
We went to a house party in Carlsbad, and it was just
simply a great time. It’s all about company. I learned
that again this year.

My B-Day was really fun as well. I had lunch with my grandma,
who I call Nana- she is probably the best gift giver in our
huge family. She is psychic when it comes to gifts. No really.
All the way back to when I was 5 and I was wishing for a t.v.
I had these magic cookies. If you broke the cookie in 3 parts
you got to make a wish. So I did and about 10 minutes later
Nana and Dodo (my grandfather) come through the door with a
new tv for us! It wasn’t even a holiday or anything! My parents
kinda freaked out as well. It was almost kinda spooky.

She is awesome. She is one of those people who looks at least 10
years younger than she should all of the time.

So for my B-Day dinner we went to Las Olas and Kristen got me a Cold
Stone Cake that we ate at the restaurant with my parents- I know I’m
getting old because this was the first time that I was actually really
embarrassed when the entire restaurant started singing. Ha ha-

So we ate cake. The bartender there always hooks us up with drinks so I
did the dumb thing of bringing him and the cooks the rest of the cake.
They wouldn’t let me leave the bar until I took this gigantic shot! It
was definitely the biggest shot I had ever taken. It was probably 4 or 5 shots
combined, because he really just gave me a glass!

Whoa, glad I wasn’t driving

We then went out with friends to get more drunk and play pool in Encinitas-
Some friends got me a bunch of Wet Willy Jello shots which pretty much put
us over the top, all in all a great B-Day, still clinging to my twenties…


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05 Jan

I never have enough time to write about all this cool stuff that keeps happening because I keep running into more cool stuff!

Then I forget some of the old cool stuff because more cool stuff happens…


Anyways, so I am watching this corny 80’s movie with volley ball and a love story on the beach set in So Cal. I forget the actors names but the lead girl was from another 80’s movie (I think she was also in the movie Summer School) In the volley ball scene Steve Timmons (2 time olympic gold medal volley ball champ) has his tall flat top and his cool eighties look. He played himself in a short scene in the movie. ha ha So I go into Rubio’s the other day and yes, another celeb sighting. Steve Timmonds is ordering Rubio’s. ha ha It was wierd because I just watched him on tv. I actually already know Steve because my father’s company did a remodel on his awesome house in Del Mar.

Steve is married to Debbie Dunning (the stunning girl on Home Improvement’s Tool Time) and they are an awesome family. Their family gave our family tickets to go watch a live taping of Home Improvement and there we met the entire cast and took pictures with them on the set and stuff. We even got a pic behind the fence where that neighbor (the one who never shows his face) always is.

Anyways, Tim Allen was really cool and he showed us his new custom sports car that was pretty loud and cool looking. I think it was some kind of custom Ferrari.

Thanks for stopping by,

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