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29 May

Life moves pretty fast…

Saw the Padres beat the Reds 12 to 9 at Petco Park in the 18th inning with a 3 run home run by Adrian Gonzales!

Accidentally started talking to this guy in the Apple Store who turned out to be Richard Dreyfus (He was in the movies Close Encounters, Stand By Me, Down & Out In Beverly Hills and more!) I am a total fan and it was kinda cool because we were talking about google and new things happening in computers for awhile with this other guy while we were waiting in line and then I said: “Hey, your Richard Dreyfus” he said “yeah” I said: “I’m a total fan nice to meet you” He knew my grand father Stan Chambers and said he frequently gets pastries and mochas at my Aunt Isabelle Brien’s French Pastry Shop in Encinitas. His wife happened to be good friends with my aunt. Small world. Richard Dreyfus is working on a new movie coming out called “W”. He plays Dick Cheney. Can’t wait to check it out.

Recorded 3 new songs on May 26th, 2008 you can check out at

Went to Paradise Point near Sea World with my lovely wife Kristen for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on May 27th. We got presents and had a great dinner and jacuzzi-ed under the stars near our hotel suite by the water. niiice.
Thanks for checking in and checking out the new songs!

(remember new Windsor album FOREVER ENDEAVORS comes out 8/8/2008!!!)

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20 May

Hello all and thanks for checking in on what I’m up to,
I had a fun night last Friday at a sushi party in Del Mar. Steve Timmons (Olympic Volleyball Gold Medalist and co-founder of the company Redsand) & his wife Debbe Dunning (former Tool Time host on the tv show Home Improvement) invited us to a tasty sushi party at their amazing home overlooking the canyon near the Del Mar Race Track on the top of the hill. Steve Timmons is such a mellow cool guy. He’s so tall and down to earth it’s as if you’re talking to a friendly giant. He seems much younger than he is. He said “Kids keep you young”. Steve & Debbe are going to stay at my Dad’s house in Costa Rica in a few weeks with their 2 cool kids and one more on the way! You can check out the Costa Rica house if you want at:

I finally went surfing since the famous recent shark attack near my local break at Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach, CA. It was great to get back in the water and catch a few waves on a perfect blue sunny day. It was kinda freaky for a moment because when I was out in the water I saw a couple of fins! After a split second I realized that they were dolphins which was a huge relief. Dolphins are the coolest. It seems not too many people are sketched out about the attack. There are already huge crowds of surfers back in the water since they closed the beaches for 72 hours. Another thing I noticed after I caught my last wave in was that a baby sealion had beached itself nearby where I was surfing. I thought “Oh great” . I learned recently that seals often beach themselves when there is a large predator in the water nearby. Big sharks give me the heebie jeebies. Not enough to keep me out of the water though.

After amazing trips to Thailand, Costa Rica, & New Zealand… Bali is calling my name and is next on my list to get to. If anyone reading this has been there drop me a line and let me know what you thought!

New Windsor Album called FOREVER ENDEAVORS coming out 8/8/2008!!!
Trips to Lake Arrowhead, Catalina, Portland, and more happening this summer!!!
Another Costa Rica “business trip” happening this December!
Drop me a line if you wannna jump on the band wagon with me!

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05 May

I wrote this song called “Lost A Good Friend In May” for my grandfather who passed away exactly 2 years ago today on Cinco De Mayo 2005. Now we like to call this holiday “Cinco De Dodo”.

His name was William R. Anderson but we all called him “Dodo”

He was the luckiest guy we knew…

He shot a golf hole in 1 at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club in Del Mar, CA

He shot his age at 76 years old! (He shot a 76 on a pro course at 76yrs old!)

He won the pick 6 at the Del Mar Race Track 2 days in a row!!!

There always seemed to be a parking space open for him in one of the best spots when the entire lot was busy and nearly completely full.

To hear the song go to

May Dodo’s luck be with you and I hope you enjoy the song!

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02 May

Willie gets some internet press as the featured surfer in May 2008…


or the specific link at:;=26

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