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21 Apr

Hello all,
welcome to the world Tommy McLoughlin Chambers (the 65th Chambers member since my grandpa Stan!)
we went to the hospital in Los Angeles and I hung out with my niece Annabelle and her two granpa’s Jim & Tom-
Jaime, Julie, Kristen, my mom Jane, and Julie’s mom Diane were all in the room helping Julie and watching Tommy come into the world-Kristen said it was an amazing experience and a short and easy labor compared to most-

8 lbs 5 oz 19 inches and lots of dark hair-he’s a big boy with big feet and big hands

A NEW BOY woo hoo!!!!

other news…

We saw the Padres beat the Diamondbacks at Petco Park with some great Field Level seats given to us by my good friend Jay- (I went with Jay and my Dad and we had beers huge hotdogs, peanuts M&Ms; and I even had a frozen lemon thingy out in the sun-

It was a great day-

I had a sweet goal in our soccer game last Saturday-
check this out- (I was thinking about it all morning too, using The Secret!)

The whistle blew, my teammate Ignacio “Nacho” Cervantes passed me a two yard pass and I took a one touch shot from half court that went straight in the corner of the goal! (That was definitely the quickest goal I have ever scored) It must have been in the net in the first 3 seconds! I was pretty stoked. We went on to beat the second best team in the league with a win 3 to 0.

I played an acoustic solo show under the name “Willie Chambers from the band Windsor” at The Epicentre in San Diego and it was awesome because our friend Liz Cruz was having her wedding shower with a ton of hot girls about ten minutes away from the show- a bunch of them came over and that helped me to have a front row of beautiful girls cheering me on in a pretty crowded venue- I ended up playing the show and then playing another show back at the shower to a bunch of drunk wedding shower girls- it was a grand thing…

my wife Kristen, the hottest of the bunch!
the fun keeps on coming… we have a surprise party coming up, a Sean Lennon concert at The Belly Up, a Padres game on the 28th, and I just got Police reunoin tickets for my wife and I for our first wedding anniversary! woo hoo!!!
never stop the fun!!!

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13 Apr

lot’s of great things going on these days…
my cousin’s had a new baby!
welcome to the world Nathan Otto Viemeister!

my brother to have a new baby boy in the next couple days!

we went to watch the Theater Performance called Wicked- (an amazing spin off prequel to The Wizard of OZ- really amazing theatre/performance/show and great message
(I highly recommend seeing it in Hollywood at The Pantages Theater, so cool!)

We saw The Killers play at the UCSD Rimak Arena- great fun with 15,000 people!

I am playing a show at the Epicentre in San Diego infront of a bunch of record labels so send me good thoughts and hopefully I’ll get a great new record deal sometime soon…

We’ve been at work recording new songs next to Oprah’s House in this really cool studio (Tantrum Studio) -The guy we’re recording with recorded so many cool bands including Sting, Radiohead, Snoop Dogg, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, and tons more… we can’t wait to show you all the new songs!

(oh yeah, and we got a new puppy named “Ruby Tuesday”)
she’s pretty much perfect.

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