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29 Jun


So, lots and lots of happenings lately…

Windsor’s new cd Melting Highway will be plugged tomorrow on the WB KTLA Channel 5 morning show!

Windsor’s new song “Miss You” has been played several times on 94.9FM San Diego!

(Thanks for all of your requests!!! If you haven’t heard it yet you can request it at (619)570-1949 or e-mail requests help us much more than you think!

New Windsor Shirts Hats Posters CDs will be displayed at the Windsor Booth at Warped so come over and say hi to the babes working the booth.

I saw the 911 movie by Michael Moore and it was awesome…I highly recommend it to everyone…freedom of speech rules!!!

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22 Jun

Introducing to the World…

Annabelle Kate Chambers

(I thought you guys might like to see this picture of my brother’s new baby girl)


Uncle Willie

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22 Jun

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22 Jun

Entry #28


We had a great time in Catalina this last weekend…mini-golf…guitars…drinking and partying with good friends…(as Adam Corolla would say:”Good Times”)

I heard Windsor on the radio for the first time with my own ears on FM94.9 San Diego driving home with a friend…thanks so much for all of the requests for Windsor! They are definitely paying off!!!

























Hope to see you at the Warped Tour very soon!

Drop me a line if you’re going…


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15 Jun

Entry #27B


Windsor’s song “Miss You” aired for the first time on 94.9 FM in San Diego June 13th a little after 9PM! Anya, the DJ gave us a great plug for the Warped Tour mentioned our website at and gave Windsor “demo cd of the week!” Thanks to everyone who called in and requested it and for asking to hear more Windsor songs! I’ve heard through the grape vine that they will be playing more Windsor again throughout the week so listen when you can to 94.9FM in San Diego or online at . Thanks again to those of you who bought our new album,

We greatly appreciate your support!


To request a Windsor song on the radio:

Song choices:1.El Mundo 2.Miss You 3.Sell Yourself

e-mail or call (any San Diego area code or 619)570-1949

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14 Jun

Entry #27


Hello all, great news!

>You can listen to Windsor’s radio debut!!! on 94.9FM San Diego or

>online @ tonight!!!

>Sunday 6/13 on the 8pm show!!! If you have time to call in and/or

>e-mail a request before or after the show to 94.9FM SanDiego your

>support is greatly appreciated. Your calls help us more than you



>What’s your favorite Windsor song?


>1)El Mundo(when the world starts turning)

>2)Miss You

>3)Sell Yourself


>Your requests will determine Windsor’s first single!

>(any san diego area code or 619)570-1949


>Hopefully we’ll see you at the Warped Tour!!!


>Willie, Jaime, Micah, and Ian


>you can check out new songs and videos @



>new Windsor album “Melting Highway” now available!!!


>Forward this to friends if you can!!! Thanks..

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02 Jun

Entry #25


Lyrics to Windsor’s new anti-war song by Micah Rabwin, Willie Chambers, and Jaime Chambers:

The Tiger’s Back

We have no patience for this

The lines have been crossed

The things evil people can do

Will end in their own loss

Everything we’ve ever learned

Has been lost under the flags they make us burn

And so it goes…unknown

You in there with your guns

Taking aim for heaven’s son

And we all sing along

You out there with your sons

Kneeling down to bless their guns

Wondering “Am I wrong?”

And so the story unfolds

What will become?

As our new kids will grow old

Will they live through what we’ve done?

Riding on the tiger’s back

I will see you on the inside looking out

What can you do now?

You in there with your guns

Taking aim for heaven’s son

As we all sing along

You out there with your sons

Kneeling down to bless their guns

Wondering “Am I wrong?”

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02 Jun

Entry #24


Hello all,

My Dad bought property in Costa Rica!

It is about 3000 square feet and it is about 150 yards from the beach in Tamarindo.

Hopefully we’ll be taking surf trips there often with all of our friends and family.

Thanks for all of the nice e-mails about the music,


(Listen for Windsor music on the KTLA surf report hosted by Jaime Chambers)

…getting excited for The Warped Tour!

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