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04 Dec

wow. life is such a rush. these past few months have been all over the place with extremes.
after working on some real estate projects with a nice generous woman that I will keep annonymous for no particular reason over the summer, I found myself living in an empty $10,000,000 mansion with Kristen and my puppy dog Ruby. this 5 acre estate has a ton of huge rolling grassy hills that Ruby speeds across chasing birds and protecting us from the rabbits. the place is epic with a great pool jacuzzi movie room I think 8 bedrooms and a sweet guest house in the back-Kristen and I felt so small in the main house that we merged into the back guest house to feel more normal… it kinda feels like we’re living in a dream-I love the spanish style and the cool furniture rugs and art work eventhough most of the house is empty-there’s a really cool living room and it has been fun bringing friends over and playing guitars in the echoey rooms-then one of my guitar idols Tom Delonge from Blink-182 comes over to our new place and asked me if it’s okay to check it out. kinda cool.

I’ve been running into a lot of celebrities lately. I just was in line behind the Chargers kicker Nate Kaeding the other day and of course being the person that I am I said “Nate! right? I’m Willie Chambers and a huge charger fan-great game last week and nice to meet you.” I shook his hand. He said “Thanks and nice to meet you too.” He seemed nice but was actually pretty shy. Anyways, I like meeting random celebrities. It makes great conversation. I thought about it and being a kicker is a job that not many can relate too. A lot of pressure and a lot of standing around. Anyways, he’s pretty good so I’m glad we have him on the Chargers. That would be a great job being a kicker. I am just blabbing bear with me thanks.

I went on a pretty sweet adventure on my friends boat with a crew of 6 friends from San Diego all the way over to my family’s place in Avalon on Catalina Island. When we were on the island we were drinking these great drinks called Buffalo Milk’s which tasted like White Russians with a little Bailey’s Irish Creme in them. Tasty. This one random girl hanging out with friends at the bar we were at by the casino came over and bought me a shot in front of all of our friends. They all started to tease me. I was pretty flattered and it made me feel great. Girls buying shots for guys? What a concept! It kinda freaked me out when she told me that the shot was called “Red Death” but I drank it and it actually was really good. Oh yeah, and I didn’t turn red or die… so that was good too.

The waves were pretty big on the way to the island and it took us about 3 hours to speed our red and white 45 foot cigarette boat called the “Fast Break II” from SD but it was well worth it. On the way back it was a perfect sunny day and glassy and smooth as could be! Our boat sped along like a snowboarder gliding on fresh powder. We had a stroke of luck and saw 100’s of dolphins during the trip back! We even saw a whale! I was so stoked! I probably took 100 pictures with my iPhone of mostly nothing trying to capture some dolphins catching some air – after a lot of misses I finally I got a cool shot that I was hoping for-I randomly got 2 dolphins catching some great air at the same time-sweet.

Lot’s of catching up to do on this blog thingy because I haven’t written in a while-went to a cool Santa Barbara show and saw my friend’s band 5-Alarm play on State Street. It was a blast. The lead singer of 5-Alarm is Christian Love and he is the son of the legendary lead singer Mike Love of The Beach Boys. He sounds a lot like his Dad. With a name like Mr. Love you get a lot of girls looking your way that’s for sure. Just messing around, (but it is true) Christian is a good guy and we’ve had fun playing lots of shows together with different bands through the years. Hopefully more to come soon.

Oh yeah, I have to go but I just put out my first solo album so you have to go check it out!
Free song samples of the entire album at
Thanks for posting that link for friends to check out and I hope you enjoy the new songs!
I’ve been writing a lot at the mansion so lots of new music to come, thanks for staying in touch,

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