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30 Jul

Funny, I saw Britney Spears at a Spa in La Costa with my brother Jaime, his wife Julie and my fiancee Kristen. She smiled and walked by. She looked very pregnant!
Ha ha. I like her song called Toxic.

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01 Jul

Just got back from another great surf trip in Costa Rica!
The waves were big.
The lobster was excellent.
The waterfalls were roaring.
The volcano was steaming.
The monkeys were cool.
The house my Dad is building is coming along well.
I went with my fiancee, my bro, our good friend Scott Vint, and my Mom and Dad.
good times.

on the subject of music
Thanks to all of you who have supported our band Windsor by purchasing a song for $0.99 on iTunes! This money will help us finish our next cd!

Hope to see you all soon!

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