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30 Apr

Entry #20


Annabelle Kate Chambers has arrived!

She was born in the evening on April 23rd.

As I remember she was 8 lbs 13.6 oz and 21 ½ inches long.

She has a good grip I found out when she held onto my pinky at the hospital.

Jaime and Julie are very happy and after only two days in the world Annabelle already made her television debut on KTLA in front of 6 million viewers!

Just wanted to let you all know…she is a cutie…

The new Windsor album “Melting Highway” comes out in June…

Official release date TBA,

Thanks for stopping by,

Willie Bueller

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23 Apr

Entry #19


No baby yet… but Julie and Jaime are at the hospital and I should have a new niece sometime today!…stay tuned…

uncle willlie

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13 Apr

Entry #18


Happy Easter,

What a weird holiday.

Bunny’s and Eggs?

Who thought of that?

Well I hope you all had a good Easter and ate tons of gross Chocolate Bunnys and Eggs. Me and my girlfriend Kristen had fun visiting my bro Jaime and his wife Julie at the Windsor house on Easter. She will have a new baby any day now…she is huuuuge!!!

Later that night I went and watched the Clippers play the Spurs with my cousin Pat at the Staples center which was pretty cool. He got some free tickets with some great seats. LA games are cool to go to because it is a total celeb fest… we saw random celebrities Malcolm in the Middle…Lavern from Lavern and Shirley…the host from the dating game and other weird famous people…the game was great but the Clippers lost. Well we are printing up the first major batch of Windsor cds so check out when you get a chance and drop me a line.

Thanks for the e-mails,


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07 Apr

Entry #17


Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for all the nice e-mails about the music. I have never had this many e-mails before so I am doing my best to get back to all of you. Thanks again for spreading the word about Windsor at the Warped Tour!

Our new Windsor cd called Melting Highway is now available online so check out some free samples of the music and the videos at and tell me what you think.

My brother Jaime and his wife Julie are going to have a new baby any day now so we are all getting excited. Julie’s tummy is sooo big it looks like it’s about to burst!

It is going to be an excellent summer,


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01 Apr

entry #16


kelly Parker wins free windsOr album with her excellent Original Palindrome!

(her palindrome was kind of gross so we hid the answer in the message)

if you want to buy a windsor cd before its official release date the store is now available at

thanks for your support!


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