05 Feb

The Book Works next 2 The Pannikin (coffee shop) in Del Mar liked my new kid’s book called “The Painted Zebra” & they want 2 help me sell it! you can read it 4 free @ williechambers.com click the star that says “writing”. (takes 2 minutes to check out all of the illustrations and read through it by clicking through the pages straight from your computer!)

The Painted Zebra is a charming tale about a girl and her zebra who overcome obstacles and prove to themselves that with a lot of heart and some clever smarts, anything’s possible…

Dedicated to the spirit and memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

thx 4 all of your awesome comments!

You can now pick up a copy of “The Painted Zebra” at The Book Works in Del Mar or at:

www.authorhouse.com $14.95 (this is where I recommend buying it online!)
www.barnesandnoble.com $19.95
www.amazon.com $17.95

New remastered version of our Windsor song Just Maybe at myspace.com/MeltingHighway
Hope you enjoy!

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02 Feb

Hello all,

Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks to our good friends Amber & Rob Chambers for throwing a kick ass Super Bowl party! They just happen to have my last name too! Wierd. Us Chambers are everywhere. Watchout!

The house that we went to has a really long, really cool water-slide!

Even though the pool was chilly, and I mean chillly!!! The hot tub was a great back up spot after “taking the plunge” at the end of the slide!

After a sweet Super Bowl Foot Ball pool (I won $20 woot woot!) I talked the girls into hitting up the hot tub and finally talked Amber and Kristen into taking the water-slide plunge!

I super-man styled the slide head first on my last slide (I’m such a show off infront of bikini girls) and Amber (a very savy photographer) got a shot of me just before I hit the water… it was a pretty cool, funny shot. It was soooo cold! yet refreshing.
ahhh. and then you get that wierd tingly feeling going straight from the ice cold pool into the toasty hot tub…wierd! ahhhh!

Awesome super bowl game (even though my Chargers didn’t win) *sigh* but at least they won on my birthday!!! That was a gr8 part too!!!

Check out a remastered track from my band Windsor called “Just Maybe” if you haven’t yet… I think this is a pretty kick ass catchy radio-ish single. Whatcha think?!

Thanks for checking in… onto the next adventure… (If the stars align I think I might be going to Costa Rica Feb 15th) Meet me there in Playa Grande if you can make it! My brother and I will probably be there to greet you at the house and you can crash with us! check out www.JimsBeachHouse.com :-)w

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31 Jan

I just got back from a bike ride with my wife from Solana Beach to Del Mar with our puppy dog “Ruby”! We played tennis in Del Mar and Ruby was our “ball dog” when the tennis ball hit the net! It was a perfect sun shiny day and Kristen beat me in tennis 7-6! She’s tricky. Gatorade tastes so good after tennis and a 10 mile bike ride!

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31 Jan

I had a great Sushi dinner last night at my favorite restaurant (Masuos) with my smoking hot wife Kristen… after dinner we sipped sparkling wine in a 2 person candle lit jacuzzi tub and watched for shooting stars through a sky light…

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22 Jan

Jaime Chambers (my brother) just got a call from Keith Olberman today!

Keith is one of our favorite reporters on msnbc and he sent our band Windsor a text message a while ago saying “Have a great rock show at the LA House of Blues!” Today he called Jaime Chambers from our band Windsor to let us know that he was going to be talking about our grandfather Stan Chambers tonight on his show! My grandfather Stan Chambers has been working as a reporter on the KTLA News in Los Angeles for 62 years and 1 month now! He is 85 and still working! (He also has 11 sons and daughters!) Thanks for watching Keiths show tonight (January 22nd) to hear some news about my grandfather who everyone loves! :-)Willie Chambers from the band Windsor

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01 Jan

Wow. what a year it has been.

What a month its been!

This December 2008 started with fun in the sun! There is nothing like taking a week in the middle of an extra chilly winter December to find a place in the world where it’s a warm and sunny summer! Kristen and I went to my Dad’s place in Playa Grande, Costa Rica in early December and had a great time. We hung out with our good friends Maria and Liz, took a ton of pictures, and even made a video of my Dad’s house that you can check out right now at:


Hope you enjoy! I played my first set of music in Costa Rica with the local band there infront of a great 200 person crowd! Club Pasa Tiempo is a really fun place with a circular bar and stage with everything all set up and ready to go! The local band was great at Jimi Hendrix covers and Sublime and more and I think they were surprised to see me (this skinny white guy come up and rock the crowd!) They were all really nice and after I played they bought me and our friends a couple rounds of beers! :-)w

Skipping back to the house videos I’ve been making, I also started a new side business with a friend to help people advertise their homes at: HomeVidPros.com

We should start doing business this 2009 so thanks for checking out the site!

Costa Rica has really become a home away from home for me because of my Dad’s awesome pioneering to find and build a house in this magical spot in Playa Grande. You can even find a google map of where the house is at: www.JimsBeachHouse.com

The next part of December 2008, thanks to the wonderful generosity of my father in law Chris Hogan, we all went to Park City Utah for the Christmas week to enjoy a real white Christmas and to snow board! We stayed at a nice hotel that has an indoor/outdoor jacuzzi pool and sauna and it was conveniently close to the slopes. I even played a set of music in Park City for the first time infront of a warm crowd right near where the center of the sundance film festival happens every year in January. We ended up bumping into the mayor of Park City while we were there and he was a really nice guy named Dana Williams. He is in a rock band too and (probably in his 40’s) claims to be “the oldest skate boarder in town” He told us some great stories about meeting world leaders during the recent winter olympics there and gave me his card with his e-mail and cell phone just in case we might be able to do a gig together sometime. He also gave me a cool 2002 Winter Olympics Park City Utah pin that I happen to have in my pocket right now to remember that cool trip. The snowboarding was great and we got some great snow and sun to make conditions pretty ideal. It was pretty chilly though but I bought these foot warmer thingys for $3 that I put in my snowboarding boots and they kept my feet cozy all day. Who ever thought of those things is a genius.

I came up with an invention in Park City Utah after noticing all of the ice that piled up on cars and trucks that were left outside. Some of these cars that were left outside in the snow had several feet of compacted ice on their roofs! My idea is to create a plastic pointed roof that you could strap to the top of your car when you left for a long period of time so that the falling snow would slide right off and protect your car. If someone wants to help me produce these things I think we could save a lot of work trying to get ice off of cars and protect the car’s roofs!

Last night was a great time back in Encinitas. We went to a New Years Party with about 50 friends and had a very well spitirted (and loud as hell) count down to bring in the new year… I am back at my place now in Solana Beach as my wife blow drys her hair to start more adventures in 2009!

My birthday happens to be this Saturday January 3rd when the Chargers play the Colts for a must win game so I am super excited to watch the game sporting my signed “Chris Chambers” #89 Chargers jersey… my birthday wish this year is that the Chargers go all the way!!! cross your fingers for me because these Colts are good. (I always liked being and cheering for the under dog anyway!) :-)w

*My band Windsor has new cds at: cdbaby.com/windsor and on iTunes search “Windsor Melting Highway” in the iTunes Music Store

* I wrote a children’s book called “The Painted Zebra” dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King that you can view for FREE online at williechambers.com (click the star that says “Writing”) you can also support my causes and grab a copy at authorhouse.com barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com Thanks for checking in every once in a while and I always love hearing from you! my real e-mail is willie1377@yahoo.com and I’m also on myspace.com/williechambers and facebook :-)w

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04 Dec


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24 Nov

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04 Nov

Willie goes to NYC & stars as “Ferris Bueller” in Halloween Parade Float Video!

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02 Nov


Too bad the camera battery died at the end…
The girls had a sexy water fight…



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