05 Oct

I can’t believe I actually ran 20 miles by accident 2 days ago (still feel a little sore) from Cardiff camp grounds along the beach 2 Oceanside Pier & then back 2 Palomar Airport Road in Carlsbad…the tide was so low I just kept going! Then my wife Kristen saved me&picked; me up in Carlsbad on my way back…good training 4 a marathon…the warm tub felt gr8 when I got home…took a pic when I realized I made it to the Oceanside Pier-now getting excited 4 some Chargers football! Last Sunday we got some last minute Field Level tickets and pre-celebrated my brother turning 30 – It was a really different awesome experience watching the Chargers beat the Dolphins from that close with my Dad my brother & friends! My brother turned 30 today…holy smokes… time flies when you’re having fun!

When money got a little tighter for everyone this year due to the economy and there were a ton of unanswered questions I now find myself living in a 10 million dollar mansion due to a super-unique circumstance – who’s to say what’s good or bad but sometimes you gotta roll with it – a good friend and former soccer coach e-mailed me and said – “Isn’t life a kick?” That quote has been in my mind and made me think a lot today. Thanks for checking in and one last thing. You can find my kid’s book called The Painted Zebra @ The Book Works in Del Mar next to the Pannikin and at Earth Song Book Store near 15th Street in Del Mar. Stoked. Read it for free at williechambers.com click the star that says “Writing” Hope you enjoy!

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