31 Jan

So many great new things happening in 2010! Thanks to a good friend of mine who lured me in – I’ve been working with a new company called Mahalo – being surrounded by all of these very creative, inspiring and very smart people has inspired my latest invention – It came to me a few weeks ago so I thought I would write it down – I call it “The Poschair” . Imagine a chair that allows you to work at a computer not only in a regular position but also in a superman position with your arms allowed to rest comfortably or also freely able to work at your computer. Adust The Poschair into any angle throughout the day to maintain a comfortable position and a perfect balance of posture. A face holder rest (almost like a face down massage table) also available to aid in reading or working at a computer in the most comfortable position desired. The Poschair. Oh yeah. I want one!

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