01 Jan

Hello all-I went 2 a killer nightclub last nt th@ a good friend of mine manages 2 go c sum more good friends frm out of town th@ I haven’t seen in way 2 long! &, kinda cool, the cast of True Blood had their party there 2! Looking forward 2 going 2 the Chargers game Sunday on my bday! Enter Blink-182 music “Nobody likes you when you’re 33!” What’s my age again?! Time flies! What a rollercoaster. After some good conversations last nt about starting the new year a friend said he feels 21 again. I sort of know what he means. It’s like we get to start ove. (It’s so wierd & cool how there happens 2 b a Charger game every year on my birthday. Love it. Let’s keep this streak going! Last yr they even beat the Colts on my bday 2-as u can c us all celebrating & completely stoked with our upset in the pic. Ofcourse, if they wud hav lost, it really wud hav been a lame party. Thank u Chargers. Th@ was a great game but I think this is going 2 b our year! It was also gr8 2 catch up w my brother (the news reporter) last night who went Live on CNN International News for the 1st time. Congrats 2 Jaime! Mad props. Even though the real thing is much better, it was also really cool giving & receiving so many shout outs & cyber smooches last night 2 all of the good friends and family I couldn’t be with (the cyber smooch is copyrighted by the way by williechambers.com all rights reserved 2010) just blabbing – it’s wild how many people we can keep in touch w now-a-days. Lastly, if u happened to read this far… I recommend checking out this new mash up song if you can find it on you tube… “Nirgaga” has arrived. Hope u all got @ least 1 gr8 kiss last nt & maybe even a few cyber smooches! Much love and happiness to all in 2010!
If you wanna hear some new music that I’ve been working on go to cdbaby.com/WillieChambers

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